Sudik Global Ltd has been serving Nigerian industry for over a decade and believes in best quality product, service and customer satisfaction. Our core strength is our commitment to build a long term business relationship with our customers. We satiate ourselves and always strive for new ways and means to meet the requirements of our Clients and even surpass their expectations.


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For All Necessary Tyres & Batteries of all sizes



    Being precise is hard work to start with, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a habit like any other and will pay back handsomely.


    Teaches you about how to manage finances while effectively marketing your goods and services for your company’s growth.

    No Delay

    Delivery service is one of the most important tasks of online purchase, its performance directly influences the level of satisfaction.


    Sigma Tooling & Engineering Solution
    Sigma Tooling with best mould quality & after service for a fair and competitive price.

    We are constantly learning and training to stay on the cutting edge of the Plastic Moulding industry to ensure that our service standards are always ahead of our competition.

    Our entire service goal focuses on meeting the needs of the customer while occupying as little of their time as possible.